How to choose the best social media agency: A Step By Step Guide

How To Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Agency For your Business

In today’s era, the power of social media is hard to deny. Studies show that there are approx. 3.81 billion people use social media and 63% of them are active. 8 out of 10 people use Facebook, Instagram Twitter regularly. Advertising your product on these platforms brings a lot of opportunities to grow. However, handling your account to the wrong agency might result in a loss of money as well as it could be hindering the company’s growth. What should we consider before choosing a good social media agency? Or is the agency I am going for good enough? Consider the following points before choosing the perfect agency :

1. Know your basic goals: I always say this, Do not do anything before planning. The first step first, to know why you need a social media agency, to create a community, to target a large audience for boosting your sales, or to provide good customer service. Know exactly what you want and then explain it to the agency, notice how helpful they are, and do they make effective plans. Do they make an effort to learn your business objectives? If not, then move to another agency. Doing this will not only prevent wasting your time but also prohibit you from doing any extra work.

2. Take a look at their market value: Review their portfolio and read the case studies. Take a look at their number of clients and notice how is the work.  Ask for the links to social media campaigns and the work they are doing currently, if they are unable to show you any then back off. Every company loves to boast about its services and clients, so if they give you some dull-kinda vibe then move on.

3. See their experience: do they have any experience in your field? The more experienced an agency is, the easier is to produce your desired results. For example, you have to promote a pet brand and none of the agencies have experience in the Pet Niche. Then it would be a hard situation to get the expected results from them and you might have to do some extra work as well. And if they have some experience already, then it will save your efforts.

4. Communication: A good agency is one that is transparent to its customer. If the agency you are going to work with, is hard to get in touch with and does not give you every single detail of the progress then you should stop working with them. Read their reviews and see what others wrote about them. Communication is the key to any business.

5.  Measuring the success:  Ask them how will they measure the success of your social media program. How many people did your campaign reach? How many new followers did you get?  Is the website traffic increasing? Check these factors and ask them. And if it is growing exponentially then voila the agency is good.

We hope this will help you find the most suitable agency.

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